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Meeting Review – Feb 15, 2012

Whoo! We should have installed a revolving door last night for all the coming and going. Most of the evening was catching up–it’s been a while since any of us have gotten together, even a small number!–and a bit of ridiculousness ensued, as per usual. If you saw this site at any point last night you might have seen “NUMCHUCKS” written all over it. That was… I don’t even know. It happened.

We went over a few agenda items, mostly to whittle down some of the stuff we want to go over in a larger meeting in a couple of weeks. Here’s the Cole’s Notes:

  • Shirts are in! We need to have a social soon, a whiteboard party, take Sharpies to one another and turn these shirts into real Liberal swag.
  •  Our list of events that we wanted to host is way too long. We want to refocus on socials and a youth rebuilding event.
  • You’ll probably notice that the website has been revamped–we did some serious numchucking and tweaking. If you want to contribute to the blog, email us and we’ll set you up with a login.
  • We want to start building out policy to run up the chain. Who knows–next convention, it might be OWN that makes the big splash!
  • The Biennial Reports were a hit with the OWNYLs in attendance, and producing video content is going to be one of our priorities moving forward. When we do stuff, we’ll shoot video and show people what the Young Liberals look like when they’re making a difference. Brian (who has an awesome bio up now) has offered to write some music for OWNYLtv!

Head over to the Facebook page and keep an eye out for when the next meeting is! We’ll of course create an event and send out an email when we’re getting together again.

Catch you on the flip, guys and gals

Your humble Secretary,


Hello world! Et bienvenue!

Bienvenue au site web des Jeunes Liberaux d’Ottawa-Ouest Nepean!

Retourne bientot pendant nous ajoutons du contenu et commence les affaires du club nouvelle des Jeunes Liberaux du Canada et Ontario.


Welcome to the Ottawa-West Nepean Young Liberals website!

Stay tuned as we add new content and get the ball rolling on this branch of the Young Liberals of Canada and Ontario Young Liberals.

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