Executive | Exécutif

L’Exécutif du JLOON comprend une variété de positions différentes, chacune avec leurs propres responsabilités définis par nos Constitutions. Nous sommes un groupe diversifié et nous travaillons fort dans notre engagement d’impliquer les jeunes autant avec le parti Libéral que dans la politique Canadienne et Ontarienne en général.

The OWNYL Executive is comprised of a number of positions, each with its own responsibilities as defined by our Constitutions. We are a hard-working and diverse group, committed to getting youth involved in both the Liberal party and politics at large, Canadian and Ontarian.

Federal President | Président Fédéral

Chen-tao (CT) LaRochelle

Originally from Montréal, Chen-tao grew up in the Franco-Ontarian community of Ottawa. He now studies Political Science and Public Administration at the University of Ottawa, assisting the Liberal parties whenever he can, be it with the OLP and its Ottawa youth associations or at the national headquarters of the LPC downtown.

Provincial President | Président Provincial

Brian Wallin

Brian currently studies Indigenous Studies and Anthropology at Carleton University and is maybe the most talented musician ever. This bacon afficionado became a Liberal in high school after studying the party for an assignment. His crunchy exterior belies his soft candy centre.

Secretary | Secrétaire

Josh Kaine

Josh has lived in Ottawa his entire life and he is currently a student at Carleton University studying Political Science. Since September 2010 he has been heavily involved in the Liberal Party, having participated in Anita Vandenbeld’s nomination contest in the riding as well as in her actual campaign. He was also active in the provincial election and has been active in the OWNYL since the founding of the club in September 2011.

Treasurer | Trésorière

Daniel Nowoselski (Provincial) & Kyra Kinderman-McCormick (Federal)

Director of Membership and Recruitment | Directeur de l’adhésion et du recrutement

Dylan Mckelvey

Director of Policy | Directeur politique

Jamieson Mackay

Jamieson is studying biopharmaceutical science at the University of Ottawa. An Ottawa native, he has been involved in grassroots politics with the Ottawa West – Nepean Liberals for eight years, primarily spending time helping with federal election campaigns.

Director of Events and Activities | Directeur des activités et des événements

Franklin Rodriguez (Provincial) & Cassidy Kinderman-McCormick (Federal)

Director of Communications | Directeur des communications



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