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2014 OWNYL Policy Proposals – OYL Eastern Region Policy Parliament

Ottawa West – Nepean Young Liberals
Jeunes Libéraux d’Ottawa-Ouest – Nepean

Policy Proposals to the 2014 Eastern Region Policy Parliament.

The following policy proposals were reviewed and approved by the Ottawa West – Nepean Young Liberals to be presented to the consideration of the 2014 Eastern Region Policy Parliament:


    • Public Broadcasting Freedom
    • Guaranteed Minimum Income


    • Plastic Container Heating Ban
    • The Green Frontier

Both the Public Broadcasting Freedom and Plastic Container Heating Ban policies, after passing the Eastern Region Policy Parliament, subsequently made it to the final ballot of the 2014 OYL Summer Retreat in August.


Public Broadcasting Freedom

CT LaRochelle, Joshua Kaine, Jamieson Mackay, Brian Wallin
Ottawa West – Nepean
Federal Policy Proposal

WHEREAS the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) offers a model of revenue structure that is financially independent from fluctuations in parliamentary support;

WHEREAS the CBC/SRC’s (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/Société Radio-Canada) ability to exercise its role as a cultural beacon for Canadians has suffered from an unstable and unpredictable support from Parliament in recent years;

WHEREAS financial independence for the BBC has been a significant part of its journalistic and creative independence in its own role as a public broadcaster;

WHEREAS the average Canadian household spends $52 every month on cable and satellite subscription with no returns to the CBC/SRC;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada will implement a 3% fee on all cable & satellite subscription, amounting to approximately 90% of CBC/SRC’s annual budget (based on 2012-2013 numbers);

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this fee will be directly collected by the CBC/SRC, further ensuring their financial and journalistic independence.

Guaranteed Minimum Income

Brian Wallin
Ottawa West – Nepean
Federal Policy Proposal

WHEREAS income inequality has been on the rise for the past thirty years;

WHEREAS the Canadian middle class is in danger and is being increasingly shrunk;

WHEREAS high poverty rates often leads to crime and increasing strain on medical services;

BE IT RESOLVED that a Liberal Government of Canada will look into the implementation of a Negative Income Tax through a Universal Guaranteed Annual Income program.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a Liberal Government will consult and listen to Provincial Governments for input for such program.

Plastic Container Heating Ban

Jamieson Mackay
Ottawa West – Nepean
Provincial Policy Proposal

WHEREAS endocrine disrupting chemicals,* such as BPA** and Phthalates, are present in most plastic containers used in the food industry;

WHEREAS these chemicals can easily leach into the food contained in the plastic when heated;

WHEREAS these chemicals pose serious health risks to humans and animals as they make their way into our food and ultimately the environment;

BE IT RESOLVED that businesses serving food will be forbidden from heating food in plastic containers, substituting glassware and ceramic containers when heating food items instead.

*endocrine disrupting chemicals are chemicals which interfere with the processes of the body’s hormone signalling system. These interferences have been shown to contribute to complications such as serious metabolic disorders in humans and animals.

**BPA stands for bisphenol-A, a common plasticizer chemical.

The Green Frontier

Brian Wallin
Ottawa West – Nepean
Provincial Policy Proposal

WHEREAS oil and gas are unsustainable economic and environmental resources;

WHEREAS renewable forms of energy are widely available, yet they are currently untapped resources not used to the fullest potential by Canada;

WHEREAS global warming and climate change are challenges that will cost the global economy more money when adaptive measures are not in place;

WHEREAS the province of Ontario is in need of more employment and trades people;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Ontario Liberal Government will consult with municipalities to create green space and energy via building restructuring that will make every government buildings generate 50% of the power the power they use.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Ontario Liberal Government will invest in the creation of a green collar economy through post secondary grants and grants to companies that create green technology.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Ontario will become the green energy super power in North America.

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