Policy Brainstorming Session – October 16th 2013

Proceedings opened at 6pm

Attendees: Brian, Andrew, Joshua, CT
Tabled Documents:

    • CBC – 6 themes to watch at the Speech from the Throne
    • Romanow Report, 2002. Executive Summary, healthcare in Canada


Policy Discussion and Idea-Bouncing Results


      • focus on chronic illnesses/long term care
      • develop home care into a full-fledged and fully insured domain/industry
      • Renew federal-provincial transfer agreements
        • actually enforce the Canada Health Act
        • ensure money is spent specifically on health care – discontinue the practice of depositing funds into general revenue streams of provinces
      • update stipulations of the Canada Health Act to actually follow the recommendations of the numerous health care study commissions on health care insurance coverage
      • reform medical licensing to streamline and regulate physician practices and establishments
      • tiered healthcare packages?
        • Currently privately insured services could be offered in a second-tier public insurance

Energy Efficiency

      • Air conditionning and heating overusage; usage should be capped depending on temperature
      • establish window regulations, either uniform insulation regulations, instructions on opening and closing times for windows with associated fines, or both
      • Such measure would save energy as well as money through the reduced technical strains in AC and heating units, with their associated maintenance costs.

Aboriginal Issues

      • economic development on reserves
        • create employment opportunities through infrastructure investments and business incentives
        • create skilled aboriginal labour to match demand created by the previous point
      • current practice is to regularly throw money at band councils and ignore them
      • serious sovereignty issue could hamper development


      • promotion of a more « consumer friendly » approach, rather than a collective guilt-trip
      • sponsor companies that don’t add deadly chemicals in the making of their cigarettes
      • list cigarettes’ additives and chemicals on the packages
        • instead of the current pictures that are inevitably ignored and thus fail their purpose
        • perhaps instead display pictures of the chemicals listed on the package


      • military reform for the UN
      • less temporary military structure to improve cohesiveness and efficiency
      • perhaps with a core force that would constitute a permanent leadership


Meeting adjourned, 7:45pm


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