2013 OWNYL Policy Proposals

The following are the policies OWNYL will be presenting at the 2013 OYL Eastern Region Policy Parliament, held at the University of Ottawa on July 21st.

Bicycle Safety in Ontario

Chen-tao LaRochelle | Ottawa West – Nepean | Provincial Policy Proposal

WHEREAS bicycles are considered “vehicles” under Ontario law and thus must obey all Ontario traffic regulations applicable to motorized vehicles;

WHEREAS it is simple fact that bicycles are incapable of reaching speeds remotely similar to motorized vehicles or even electric vehicles such as mopeds or certain electric wheelchairs;

WHEREAS it is dangerous for cyclists to bike in lanes reserved for motorized vehicles (see previous point) as well as to pedestrians when cyclists seek shelter on sidewalks and pedestrian areas;

WHEREAS the 2010 Cycling Death Review by the Chief Coroner for Ontario recommended a “provincial cycling plan” to “guide policy and legislation supporting cycling in Ontario”;

WHEREAS the same report indicates all cycling deaths between 2006 and 2010 could have been prevented, most notably with the mandatory use of biking helmets;

WHEREAS cycling issues affect urban and rural areas differently;

WHEREAS a regulated provincial cycling network would promote both tourism and job growth;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Ontario Liberal Party promote traffic reforms specifically geared towards cycling regulations, with the following specifications:

(i) creating incentive for the use of bike helmets by subsidizing their purchase;

(ii) setting aside a provincial fund to support the creation of separate lanes for bicycles in heavily used thoroughfares with a speed limit above 50 km/h in urban areas

(iii) the promotion of an extensive provincial biking network, the construction and maintenance of which would fall under the Ministry of Transport.

Guaranteed Minimum Income Program

Brian Wallin | Ottawa West – Nepean | Federal Policy Proposal

WHEREAS income inequality has been on the rise for the past thirty years;

WHEREAS the Canadian middle class is being increasingly shrunk;

WHEREAS high poverty rates often leads to crime and increasing strain on medical services;

BE IT RESOLVED that a Liberal Government of Canada look into the implementation of a Negative Income Tax through a Universal Guaranteed Annual Income program.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a Liberal Government will consult and listen to Provincial Governments for input for such program.

For an Accountable Senate

Chen-tao LaRochelle | Ottawa West – Nepean | Federal Policy Proposal

WHEREAS systemic Canadian dissatisfaction with their Senate has consistently manifested itself in opinion polls for the past 30 years (Globe and Mail, 05/30/13);

WHEREAS a majority of Canadians in a majority of provinces have shown support for the elected Senate avenue of reform (Angus-Reid, 2010);

WHEREAS a crushing majority of Canadians have shown support for eight (8) year-long terms for sitting Senators (Angus-Reid, 2010);

WHEREAS the Senate’s constitutional purpose is to offer a “sober second thought” AND represent the provinces in the federal government;

WHEREAS certain provinces’ relationship with the federal government have greatly changed since their admittance in the federation;

BE IT RESOLVED that a Liberal government would set forth a constitutional reform package including (though not necessarily limited to) a reform of the Senate of Canada with the following specifications:

(i) a gradual transition to an elected Senate, holding provincial elections for whichever Senate seat is vacant every two (2) years;

(ii) limit all future Senators’ term in office to eight (8) years;

(iii) an updated Senate seat distribution mechanism for the sole purpose of accommodating growth and provincial demands.


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