Policy: Funding Green Energy in New Homes


Currently, low-impact sources of energy are not cost-effective. Limited, large-scale projects like wind and solar farms are good first starts, but putting those technologies on all doorsteps would jumpstart the industry. By providing a granting program to subsidize the installation of those technologies in new-built homes, contractors would be able to not only construct homes that minimize their impact on the environment and reduce lifetime energy costs for homeowners. This would create partnerships between green and traditional industries, scale up production of green technologies to be more cost-effective for homeowners who want to retrofit existing homes, and expand green-collar industries installing and servicing these new technologies.




Funding Green Energy in New Homes

Trevor LaForce, Brian Wallin and Josh Kaine | Ottawa West-Nepean Young Liberals

WHEREAS the rate of adoption of green technologies in the home is still low;

WHEREAS Ontario should continue to set a national example in the use and financing of renewable energy;

WHEREAS the Ontario Liberal Party currently supports the use green technologies such as wind and solar farms;

WHERAS a state funded program would reduce the overall cost of these technologies for consumers;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT Ontario provide cost offsets in the form of granting programs to companies involved in the construction of homes to ensure pre-sale installation of technologies to reduce a household’s environmental footprint.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT a wide variety of technologies be supported by this program, including: geothermal wells, solar panels, rooftop wind turbines, rain collection and filtration, as well as technologies for waste management and repurposing.

BE IT FUTHER RESOLVED THAT these funds be awarded on a pre-agreed per-technology, per-home basis.


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