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Hey Young Liberals!

Policy Parliament is right around the corner, and as such, it’s time to flex our own policy muscles.

We’ll of course workshop our policies at our upcoming policy meeting (go and vote on a time if you haven’t already!) but here’s a place to start building out your idea.

Federal/Provincial – is your policy going to affect only Ontario or the country at large?

Title – Keep it simple, direct, and to the point.

Authorship – WHO ARE YOU!?

Preamble – “Whereas” statements, providing the background for and basis of your policy. Why do we care? Why is this important?

Direction – Your BIRT statements. What are we going to do about it? What position or actions are we going to take?

Here’s an example I happened across and borrowed from oyl.org. It’s from their 2010 Summer Fling policy document:



Jessica Stark and Richard Francella

WHEREAS Canada’s railway system is currently an important travel option for Canadians and is an economically and environmentally justifiable alternative to other means of transportation which produce higher emissions,

WHERAS Canada is subject to strong public pressure to achieve its carbon emission reduction targets as per the Copenhagen Accord,

WHERAS VIA Rail currently faces low ridership due to its slow travel times and aging infrastructure,

WHEREAS high speed rail has been proven to have extremely positive effects on tourism in both Europe and Asia,

WHEREAS the United States has recently unveiled a high speed rail proposal of its own, and has urged Canada to also adopt a high speed rail system in order to compliment this planned network,

WHERAS over 80% of Canadians favour the prospect high speed rail, according to a 2009 EKOS poll,

WHEREAS a high speed rail system will provide an inter-provincial transportation option that has no reliance on foreign oil and provides efficient travel times for Canadians,

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Ontario Young Liberals urge the Liberal Party of Canada to significantly increase funding and create a policy for a high speed railway system as part of its platform.

BE IT FURTHER RESOVED THAT this system would link major cities in widely used rail corridors in order to increase employment and ensure green and efficient transportation for Canadians.

BE IT FUTHER RESSOLVED THAT Canada would investigate the prospect of linking its high speed system with that of the United States in order to ensure travel constancy on shared routes.

So what are your policy ideas?  Let’s get writing!

Paddle your own canoe, guys and gals,


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